Placing Wellness at the Heart of Recovery

At Peak Symmetry, we believe that fitness, along with good nutrition, regular meditation and community is the surest path to not only avoiding relapse but also in achieving a life of acceptence, serenity and joy.

We offer the Peak Wellness in Recovery Foundation Program - a month-long, progressive program that integrates fitness, nutrition and guided relaxation to help keep you on the path of recovery. For more information, click here.

One-On-One Personal Mentoring is also offered, but only for those who have completed the one month Foundation Program. Please contact me after you have completed the program and we can work together on designing your next step!



The Peak Symmetry Team

David Shadbolt - Fitness and Recovery

It seems fitting that over two decades ago, David Shadbolt, a dedicated athlete,  and then relapsed alcoholic, would ultimately find the missing link to his long-term recovery success at the high peak of a mountain. In the midst of a challenging solo climb, he suddenly found himself in a most dangerous situation, where he could neither descend nor keep climbing. He was forced to take a literal leap of faith and jump, hoping to find a ledge to grab above his head.

Thankfully, that faith rewarded him with safety, and once he reached the summit, he recognized a pattern of addiction that stemmed not just from a penchant for pleasure that alcohol gave him but also to the dire sway of risk-taking adventurous activities and a nomadic lifestyle. Moreover, he saw that successful recovery would only come through a long-term holistic lifestyle change that would gradually bring those extremes back into balance.

Thus he formed his company, Peak Symmetry: From Addiction to Mastering Recovery, devoting his work to helping recovering addicts develop a new approach to life where traditional 12-step and treatment centres programs might leave off. 

David has worked extensively in the health and fitness community as a Community Wellness Coordinator in Nunavut, Canada, managing retreat centre in the mountains of BC, and personal and group training. His volunteer work includes answering a crisis line, leading outdoor trips and Rotary Club work and facilitating meditation groups. He currently works with recovery clients at the Orchard Recovery Centre on Bowen Island, BC. 

He has received fitness certifications from several organizations: Personal Fitness Trainer as well as Older Adult Training Specialist from Canfit Pro Canada; Mobility & Movement Trainer and Kettlebell Trainer from Agatsu,and Olympic Weightlifting from Crossfit.

David’s experiences working in recovery and as a fitness coach, have illuminated the missing ingredients to minimizing the risk of relapse. Since then, studies by researchers at Brown University and the Centre for Substance Abuse Education at the University of Texas have shown that recovery clients who integrate  health and fitness practices into their lives have a much higher rate of recovery. 

At Peak Symmetry, the entry-level foundation program is Peak Wellness in Recovery, which is thoughtfully designed to support those who are truly ready to surrender and commit to the long road to recovery. The mastery of recovery is a journey, not a decision.  David has witnessed his own emotional and spiritual transformation as well his physiological age decrease two decades when measured through fitness and medical testing. He is inspired to show others how they too can turn their life around with the right mix of activities, knowledge, and support.

Peak Wellness in Recovery includes sessions with expert practitioners in fitness and movement, nutrition, and mindfulness. In addition to group coaching, the platform provides access to a small private community of like-minded individuals for additional support. Personal coaching is also an option. For more information, watch David’s short introductory video at

Lisa Marie Whitaker - Nutrition

Lisa Marie Whitaker (Bhattacharya) RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, works independently as a Nutritional consultant, educator, free-lance health writer, and is also an active mom. Working with people and food comes naturally for Lisa Marie, having grown up in a small farm-rich community on the Sunshine Coast of BC. She passionately believes that the healing potential of food goes beyond our comprehension and loves to show her clients these benefits of real food; empowering them to take their health back into their own capable hands.

As a graduate and instructor at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, she a firm believer in the power of food as medicine and has even experienced first–hand what an improved diet can do to reverse chronic and acute illness.  She can be found fermenting, soaking or sprouting food on any given day in her virtual ‘living laboratory’ kitchen or, seasonally, digging out in her garden.  She is currently working on the pilot for a TV series: Found & Foraged.

“Food is the most tangible and effective vehicle for change in one’s health, on all levels. Not to mention the health of the planet. Now is the time to be a part of this important movement.”

Valerie Ostara - Focus and Meditation

Valerie is an Alternative Education Teacher (B.Ed.), Behavioural & Life Management Coach, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in anxiety reduction. She is the author of two soon-to-be-published children’s books dealing with anxiety and panic attacks and a self-help manual for anxiety reduction for 7-12 year olds. She has taught and coached children and adults in blasting through personal blocks, overcoming fears, and achieving their goals for over 20 years.

Valerie is owner of Sound Mind and The Sound Mind Skill Building Program For Children and Youth serving the Vancouver, BC area. She will soon be releasing Anxiety Stories series, including The Attack of the Panic Attack and Speechless. Visit